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Types of Acne and How to Cure them


Acne is among the most prevalent skin issues which people suffer from and can be frustrating as well as embarrassing. The severity of the condition can vary from mild to serious. There are many different kinds of acne, with some being more severe than others and it’s essential to identify which type you’re dealing with to ensure you receive the best acne treatment specific to your situation.

Here are the four most common forms of Acne and the treatment for Acne:


Blackheads are amongst the mildest types of acne. They typically occur on the chest, face and back. They appear as small black or grey dots that have one tiny dark dot in the middle. This is due to oil and dirt getting trapped in the skin’s outer layer and oxidizing after exposure to air.

Due to their position on the face, they are likely to be more visible in comparison to other types of acne. Which is why it’s crucial to maintain them in check. Many people believe that rubbing their nose can help rid yourself of blackheads, this usually causes more harm than good. The majority of people will stop touching their noses if they felt pain when they did it!


Whiteheads are a mild type of acne that’s identical to blackheads with regard to appearance. But are in reality quite different. Blackheads are caused when oil and dirt are trapped under the skin’s outer layer. And air oxidizes them and turns it black.

However, whiteheads can occur when this process does not occur. Which leaves the skin underneath the skin clean as the oil begins to build in your pores until they explode across your face. They are more obvious than other kinds of acne since. You can observe them emerging from your skin prior to breaking out on the surface. If you suffer from blackheads or whiteheads the treatment options for acne are pretty much the same.


Pimples are among the most frequent types of acne , and they often occur on the back, face and shoulders. Anyone who’s had previously experienced a pimple knows they can be painful! They begin as tiny red bumps that grow overnight , causing a large amount of irritation. This happens because the pore is blocked by sebum (oil) as well as old skin cells and infections. Which quickly multiply inside it , causing an infection.

If you feel uncomfortable bumps appearing from under their skins, they often to immediately pop them.


This refers to cysts that develop deep below the skin. As opposed to the ones that appear as red bumps on the skin’s surface.

The majority of cysts begin as tiny lumps under your skin. They are then inflamed, grow in the middle and finally break out below the surface. Creating an infection that can cause severe bleeding or pain if left untreated. If you find the appearance of a cyst under your skin. It is important seek out a dermatologist as soon as possible to allow them to drain. The cyst and prevent it from growing worse.

In End

The best thing to do is seek an expert opinion on which kind of acne treatment will benefit your skin. If you’re unsure or uneasy, it could be beneficial to consult with a specialist prior to starting any treatment. Being aware of the best method of treatment in advance. Can prevent anyone from making an error with grave consequences later on.

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