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Top 5 Vape brands for 2021

Top 5 Vape Brand

We can call Vape an electronic cigarette which is a gadget that is operated by a battery. It emits a vaporized solution that can be inhaled by someone who is using this product. This is an advanced way of smoking that contains nicotine that gives you the feeling of a real tobacco cigarette.

The cartridges of Vape are filled with some smoke liquid and chemicals with a flavor that makes it more worthy. The nicotine and chemicals are together heated up so that smoke generate. As we all know, cigarettes are dangerous to the health, it can cause cancer. So the founder of the particular product, Gilbert, introduces an electric smoking gadget that is less harmful as compared to the cigarette.

The main purpose of vape is to give a full smoking sensation to the user with a touch of some kind of flavor in an advanced way. Because many people today are smoke addicted, they can’t survive without smoking. So, this gadget may be less harmful to the lungs, skin, and heart.

How to select a Vape Kit?

This is a big task to select a vape kit according to our need. Sometimes we pick a vape just it looks good. No! We are doing it wrong.

This is not the right way to pick a vape kit by just its outer looking. There is high advancement in this device, but still, some are not as better in their appearance as compared to advanced vape. But it works perfectly, even if it is an older version of the it.

Choose every vape after reading its manufacturing materials or ingredients and all the instructions on it. If all the things are suitable for you, then go ahead and buy yours that perfectly matched your need and desires.

Types of Vape Kit

Before purchasing any kind of vape, you must know how many types of vape kits are there. Let’s discuss some basic and major types of vape gadgets:

  • Pod System: This consists of a pod that is connected to a battery. A closed pod contains a prefilled liquid, while an open pod is used to refill the liquid.
  • Mod –Vape Kit: Mod vape kit is normally larger, and due to its larger size, it is more powerful. It also contains a separate tank to refill the mod vape.
  • Pen–Style Vape: This kind of vape is slim and smart, just like a pen. You can easily hold this vaping device in your hand. That’s why this vape is most portable than others. It contains a thick chunky marker from which you can inhale the liquid.
  • All-In-One Vape: AIO (All-In-One) vape has all the features that you need. Moreover, it does not contain any separate pod or rode for liquid refilling. It automatically refills the electronic liquid from the top of the device itself.

We have discussed some important types of vape devices now you are open to pick the favorite that suits you the most.

Best Vape Brands in 2021

Now the question arises from where you can get the best vape that perfectly fits you, and now let’s talk about some popular top brands which deal with all types of Vaping gadgets:

1. Direct Vapor:

Direct Vapor is the largest brand, which deals with so many high-quality vaping devices. It is considered as the best online vape shop. It deals with an excellent range of products with very comfortable prices that contain outstanding customer service.

You can shop from anywhere the delivery process might take 6-8 days. Direct Vapor will use an extensive network carrier for your orders, which allow their customer to ship to a majority of locations in the USA. They also deal with special promo codes that offer you the best discount.

2. Voopoo:

Voopoo brand was firstly founded in the year 2014 as they always try to introduce the most exciting and brand new vape devices for their valuable customers. In the year 2017, VOOPOO work as a black horse in the industrial field with the introduction of their first mod-vape device, which is connected with the latest finish speed chipset – the GENE.

Today, they started their correlated efforts with GENE and convey some outclass related items, including the new Drag Max and their PnP case tank. After some time of new technology, VOOPOO has obtained one of the extraordinary brands in the world-class of vaping and participates in the general division.

3. Vaporesso:

Vaporesso is the vape company that was founded in 2015, which might make you think they’re remarkably new compared to other vaporizer brands, but you’re wrong! They were founded by their company SMOORE which was started in 2006! Now, SMOORE is the largest vape company and was listed on the HONG KONG Stock Exchange in 2020.  

Vaporesso has recently caused a stir in the industry with its patented OMNI Board MINI chipset that has incredible performance as a fire time of 0.001. The release of several vaping products such as the GEN, the Swag series, as well as their recent Luxe PM40 proves that Vaporesso is one of the best brands available on the market.

  • Uwell:

Uwell is an official website that is dedicated to creating the best quality E-cigarette devices in the entire industry with the spirit of giving the best vape services. It was earlier founded in the year 2015; specializes in the production of smoking gadgets. Over the years, they have insisted on pursuing technology with ingenuity, taking great flavor as a key point of product development and business development.

Currently, Uwell is selling its products very well in Europe, America, Africa, and Russia. They also develop their emerging market in the globe of the world. Uwell is trying to innovate and strive to become the most popular and trusted electronic cigarette. 

5. Smok:

Smok is a Vape Company, founded in 2010, which is owned by IVPS Technology Co. Limited. Smok is everywhere and known as a top brand cigarette selling company. Their research and development team has been very successful in the past, as it is one of the first to launch adjustable power steam equipment as well as vape mod design. 

Their innovation continues, covering a large number of different mods and steam tanks suitable for all kinds of fumes. While many experienced vapors criticize the company for selling overpriced products, it’s hard to be dissatisfied with the performance of its steam products.



First of all, you need to know that a cigarette contains thousands of nicotine, and this nicotine is injurious for human health. They directly attack our lungs. Let’s move to the point if you are already nicotine-addicted, then this article is for you. Vape is less harmful as compared to original cigarettes. I hope you will like this article.

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