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Preventing shoplifting: 8 tips for shopkeepers

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Preventing shoplifting: 8 tips for shopkeepers

If you’re a shopkeeper yourself or work in a store, you know how annoying it is: shoplifting. Unfortunately, theft in Tampa shops is prevalent. Fortunately, there are many measures, large and small, that you can take to prevent shoplifting. From the security of your shop to a game of dice: the 8 best tips in a row.

There are several things you can do to prevent shoplifting. Hanging a sign on the door with the text “We will deal with shoplifters” is an option, but it can also be experienced as disturbing by the shopping public. Visible cameras are more discreet and at least as efficient.

The layout of your store can also prevent theft. For example, you can place the more expensive items near the cash register, possibly in a glass cabinet that can only be opened with a key. Putting the cash register near the exit can also be a deterrent, as shoplifters have to pass through it to exit the store. A store employee must always handle the cash register.

Tip 1: Prevent shoplifting with good communication

If you want to prevent shoplifting, good communication is crucial. A shoplifter naturally likes it when he can walk through your store anonymously and unseen. Therefore, make sure that you and your colleagues greet every customer on arrival and departure. You send a clear signal: we have an eye for our customers. Is a customer behaving suspiciously? Speak to them in a calm and friendly tone: “Gosh, I see you are having trouble choosing. Can I help you?” In addition, make sure your employees are actively walking through the store. It is, of course, unpleasant for a thief if he knows that an employee can come by at any moment.

Tip 2: Also communicate to your staff

Not only communication with your customers is essential, but your staff must also be well informed about the do’s and don’ts. For example, make sure that colleagues in the workplace never talk openly about their break times. A thief likes to listen in and strikes when there is the fewer staff. In some stores, colleagues agree on a code for suspicious situations. For example, if they suspect that a shoplifter is walking around in a particular part of the store, they call out a code word: “Mrs. den Havik, assistance with returns, please.” If something does go wrong, don’t forget to warn the shop owners in your area. Together you are more robust.

Tip 3: Shop security through smart design

In a messy store, it’s easier for a thief to get his act together. After all, it is less noticeable when something is missing. So make sure the shelves always look tip-top. Do you have dark corners where it is difficult to supervise in your store? A strategically hung mirror offers a solution. Also, think about the checkout location: if the checkout is close to the entrance and exit, all customers will pass by it anyway. Because of this, a thief knows that he cannot slip out of the store unseen.

Tip 4: Show your measures

Inform shoplifters of your anti-shoplifting policy. This can be accomplished by erecting a sign with text such as: ‘we always report shoplifting’ or by stating the acceptable amount of merchandise. Does your store have security cameras installed inside and outside of it? Make this clear by posting signs in prominent areas where people can see them.

Tip 5: Little money in the cash register due to creamer

To limit the damage caused by theft from the cash register, it is wise to have as little money as possible in the cash register. Agree with your staff that they will skim the bills from a certain amount in a cream safe or cash safe. These safes are specially designed for the safe skimming of money. A shoplifter who sees that the tills in your store are usually not that full is less likely to target your business. In addition, we recommend that you promote debit card payments. As a result, there is even less money in circulation.

Tip 6: Handle keys carefully: key safe

You probably have a safe in your warehouse for money and other valuables. And if all goes well, there is also a good lock on your warehouse. For the best security lock, you can take the advice of Locksmith Tampa. Perhaps the more expensive products in your store are behind display cases. You naturally want to handle the most critical keys to your shop with care so that thieves cannot get their hands on them. One way to safely and adequately organize your key is a key safe. In short: there are usually quite a few keys in circulation.

Tip 7: Spot the thief

As cold-blooded as some seasoned crooks are, thieves often display striking behavior. They look around a lot, keep an eye on your staff, appear nervous, or linger for a long time. Train your colleagues to be alert to this type of behavior. You can then immediately introduce them to the frequently used prepared bag. These are usually large shopping bags with a layer of aluminum foil on the inside. It is a proven method for thieves because the detection rate does not go off when they fill the bag with items from your store.

Tip 8: And also spot among your staff

Sad but true: shoplifters can also be among your staff. We, therefore, recommend that you regularly check the bags of your colleagues at the end of the day. For example, you can do this with a dice game so that everyone has an equal chance of being checked. And be alert to specific signals. For example, does someone always come first and leave last? Does a colleague never have a cash difference or, very often, a rounded amount? Then it is wise to keep an extra eye on things. Does your store have a friendly atmosphere, and is your staff motivated? Then the chance is much smaller that someone will take advantage of the situation.

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