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3 Recommended GoPro Action Camera

GoPro Action Camera

GoPro action camera is also a representative of action cameras. Not only can you shoot while moving violently, but it also has excellent waterproof performance, making it a recommended camera for shooting underwater. It has a wide range of attachments, so it can be attached to sportswear, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. It is useful in a wide range of applications.

In addition, the GoPro Action camera series is basically a model that can shoot at wide angles, but there are also products that can switch shooting modes and shoot at narrow angles. Another advantage is that you can shoot deep images that are unique to wide-angle shooting.

Key points for choosing GoPro

Image quality (resolution)” to leave beautiful photos and videos

If you want to record beautiful and detailed images, GoPro that supports 4K and 5K is recommended. The resolution that affects the image quality is about 1920 x 1080 in full HD, but it is about 3840 x 2160 in 4K and 5120 x 2880 in 5K.

Also, check the “frame rate (FPS)”, which indicates the number of images that can be processed per second. If the video was shot at a high frame rate, you can enjoy high-quality video even when playing it in slow motion. If you are looking for smooth video, we recommend products that support a frame rate of 60.

Introducing recommended models of GoPro

GoPro HERO 9 Black CHDHX-901-FW

GoPro with a front display. It is convenient because you can easily check the image when taking a selfie. It is also recommended for video distribution and Vlog because you can shoot while watching the recorded video. Since the resolution is compatible with 5K, it is possible to shoot beautiful and clear images. You can also shoot in 4K, 2.7K, 1440p, 1080p.

It is also recommended that you have convenient timer shooting functions such as “Schedule capture” that allows you to set the recording start time and “Duration capture” that allows you to select the length of recording time.

GoPro “HERO8 Black” CHDHX-801-FW

It is a GoPro with a high stabilization function. Equipped with a camera shake correction function “Hyper Smooth 2.0”. It is recommended not only for shooting while moving violently, but also for recording video when driving a motorcycle or bicycle.

The digital lens built into this product can be selected from four viewing angles according to the shooting scene. It is recommended that you can shoot powerful images by properly using linear, wide-angle, and SuperView without narrowing angle and distortion.

GoPro “MAX” CHDHZ-202-FX

It is a GoPro Action Camera that can shoot 360 degrees. The feature is that there are cameras on the front and back of the main body. Not only 360-degree shooting using two cameras, but also one-sided shooting is possible.

It also supports the stabilization function “Max Hyper Smooth”. It is also equipped with a leveling mechanism that is useful for action shots. It is also recommended that the six built-in microphones work together to record realistic 360-degree sound.

Recommended GoPro Action Camera accessories that are convenient to have

GoPro “3-Way Camera Grip” AFAEM-001

A convenient accessory that can be used in three ways: a camera grip, an extension arm, and a mini tripod. Can be used with all GoPro cameras. It is useful not only for selfies and follow-up shots, but also for scenes such as time lapses where you fix the shot in one place.

It is easy to carry because it can be folded compactly. In addition, since the arm can be bent at any angle, you can shoot while avoiding reflections on the screen, and you can enjoy shooting from various angles.

GoPro Dive Housing

This accessory is recommended for those who want to shoot in harsh environments or in deep water. It is an essential accessory for those who enjoy scuba diving. However, depending on the model, the water depth and waterproof performance that can be supported differ, so be careful when purchasing.

It also protects against flying mud and debris, making it useful for onshore activities in harsh environments such as off-road racing.

GoPro “Shorty” AFTTM-001

A mini tripod with an extension arm. A convenient item for home or a little outing. It is compact and highly portable, and is recommended for those who are looking for a product that they can easily carry around.

In addition to being used as a camera grip, it is also useful for selfies and fixed-point shooting. Since the arm can be extended up to 22.7 cm, it is possible to shoot at different angles.

GoPro Action Camera “Surfboard Mount” ASURF-001

This accessory is recommended for those who enjoy surfing and snowboarding. It has a strong adhesive mount and can be mounted on a flat surface. Another feature is that it can be attached to various gears such as boat decks and kayaks.

It is possible to shoot powerful scenes on the water. Please note that it is recommended to warm the mount with a hair dryer when removing it.

GoPro “Handlebar Seatpost Mount” AGTSM-001

It’s the perfect accessory for attaching your GoPro to your bike or bicycle handlebars, seatbars, or ski poles. It has a non-slip design with hinges and can be firmly fixed to rods and pipes. It is also recommended for shooting violent movements.

The GoPro action Camera is easy to remove, so you can easily change it to your hand according to the shooting scene. Since the base part rotates 360 degrees, it is also a point that you can fix it at the angle you want to shoot.

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