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Effective Ways to Make Your Garage Look Great


Your garage is the one room in your home that you don’t have to keep clean, so it’s often used as storage space instead of serving its intended purpose as a place to park your car and store your extra stuff. When your garage isn’t as tidy as you’d like it to be, you find yourself wasting time looking for items that should be easily accessible, which can be frustrating and inefficient. With these eight house improvement ways to make your garage look great, you can maximize the use of the space, making your home more pleasant and efficient.

1) Use mirrors

A mirror makes any room look twice as big. If you can’t afford a contractor to add on, get creative by mounting a cheap, long-mirror across two opposite walls and center it above a flat screen TV. You’ll feel like you have twice as much space in your home without doing anything more than moving furniture around. The added bonus is that mirrors reflect light from windows, making your garage seem brighter.

2) Hang things from the ceiling

While overhead storage has its place, adding ceiling hooks, brackets and other fixtures can make your garage look more open and organized. While it’s not a design fix for every garage, it certainly works for many! Hang shelves or lights above your workbench to free up surface space on your benchtop. Use a ladder-style hanger as a closet system in an out-of-the-way corner of your garage, with all those jackets, hats and gloves you never use in full view at all times!

3) Paint everything white

Bright white paint makes all colors pop, including those in your car. Plus, it’s a good color scheme for decluttering your garage – items with high contrast look great against a white background. With all that extra space, you’ll have more room for activities like yoga or rock climbing (depending on how dedicated you are to making your garage look great). And if you want it looking even better, whitewash everything but your car and any tools or equipment you use frequently so they stand out.

4) Hang tools in cabinets

While you can never get rid of everything (it’s a garage, after all), if you see something that’s not in use, hang it in a cabinet. Not only will you make your tools look more professional, but they’ll be easier to reach and maintain. In addition, cabinets can help with organization by keeping items together. Also consider storage systems such as drawers, shelves and open racks for each of your specialty tools.

5) Clean up often

If you have a garage, it means that you have extra space. It’s a waste if you don’t use it for something useful or at least nice-looking. Try cleaning up your garage often to clear away clutter and give your space an organized look. You can then use some of that newly available space to keep tools, decorations or sports equipment. The clearer your garage is, the more likely you are to spend time there organizing and enjoying your free time—or even just hanging out!

6) Have your car detailed regularly

Keeping your car clean is a quick and easy way to improve how it looks. Hire a professional to detail your car regularly, paying close attention to cleaning up spots and smudges on your tires. Washing your vehicle will also help keep it looking sharp—and will increase its longevity, too.

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