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Best Nalli biryani restaurant in Pakistan

Nalli Best Biryani Restaurant in Karachi

Nalli Biryani in Liaquatabad Karachi

In the vicinity of Liaquatabad close to central Karachi there is Ghousia Food restaurant. In the tiny streets of Karachi that is located behind Kachchi Market, you’ll find Ghousia Food Nalli Biryani open from 10 am to 10 pm.

Their unique recipe makes use of the animal’s part that most meat stores do not take the time to prepare as it is the marrow within the leg of a cow’s big and the hip bones (in Pakistan its called ‘ nalli Biryani‘).

Nalli Biryani Which completely Blow Your Mind

The inclusion of cow marrow for a Nalli Biryani is definitely an award-winning choice already, but it’s not the only thing that is delicious about this dish. This recipe will not only completely blow your mind it’s also one the most enjoyable ways to become involved with food. I’d love to have to have another meal with you at Ghousia Food Nalli Biryani right now, look below for details about the meal.

The first thing to certainly increase your enthusiasm for the biriyani nalli is watching the cooks at work. Imagine how a shovel-sized tablespoon of biriyani dry-spice smells after it’s placed in the 200-liter saucepan.

Imagine the sound of the chef from the second shophouse, calling people to sit down to eat during lunch – not using their voice. But rather with his masterful and lightning-fast spoon-rice-bagging technique.

Huge Cow Bones Mixed with Biryani

If these huge bones were to be mixed with rice, both of which were raw, the meat wouldn’t have the time to properly cook. So, the bones of cows are simmering in their own cauldrons many hours prior to the time they are after that, they are added for a half-hour or so before being buried beneath all that white rice.

Ghousia Nalli Biryani

You can be certain that the juices will not go to waste also, and it’s not the normal water that is that is used in the second stage of making biriyani rice. It’s the massive quantities of bones broth soup. It is important to request an extra-large bone or even the double portion. You’re likely to be wanting to witness this marrow christening in the most complete way.

It’s a stunning spectacle to behold the size of a serving that is stacked on a simple and sparkling tray of metal.

Ketchup and Nalli Biryani Combination

Begin by grabbing the entire bone with the same force as a ketchup bottle and begin shaking it on your plate. Make a few twirls to determine what you should do, then start hitting the bone with one side by closing your fist.

In no time you’ll see marrow dripping over, flowing, and finally it will just flow into chunks. It’s amazing the amount of marrow that is contained in every bone.

Spoon out Any Remaining Chunks

The process by using the tip of the spoon to get into the bone and take off any bone that is still there.

Repeat the test and you may find that the marrow will be a surprise, it’s astonishing how large the amount of marrow could be.

Bon Appetit

I’m now aware that I’ll never go back simple things such as butter, or ‘normal’ strips of fatare almost uninteresting in the way they compare.

Marrow in any dish is at the top of gooeyness in food and maximum fat-based flavor. I’m constantly craving some on every dish.

The Richest Nalli Biryani Bites on Earth

The addition of the broth from the bone prior to serving is what seals the deal. The rice is already silky smooth. It is cooked first with seasonings, and then with the cow fat at the end of step 2.

You can add another layer of umami from seeds that have been roasted as well as spices, and you’ll have real pieces of cow fat and beef after which you get gristle and cartilage, and all of these are jelly-like after hours of simmering. And finally you can are able to add that extra layer of flavor with more than a hundred grams of bone marrow from cows that is pure.

The richness of Marrow itself is difficult to express in words… It’s amazing when you take the first bite! Inhale it all in one large spoonful and take a last look at the surroundings to see the place you’re at. Do your best to fall completely in love with the cow marrow rice madness… as well once you’re back, inform us about your experience and dinner on the menu at Ghousia.

In a stunning location like Liaquatabad After having had a great time with friends from the past and this fantastic group of chefs…

After that, they’ll be eating the food they ate could have one of the most delicious bites of flavor I’ve enjoyed eating.

A recipe that brings joy to the core I believe the lunch of nalli biriyani is worth a visit in Karachi just to take a bite.

Conclusion on Best Biryani Restaurant

Concerning this incredible and delicious plate that is Nalli Biriyani, I’ll end by stating some things.

If you believe you are averse to huge chunks of meaty bone marrow, dripping with fat or even the thought of cutting meat directly out of bone with your fingers, I would like you to put aside those thoughts and put them aside.

For a short time, only to enjoy this incredible food experience of Nalli Biriyani I am sure you’ll be so grateful that you made the effort.

After you’ve tasted the world-changing biriyani rice and bone marrow combination, I’m hoping you’re aware of the many other meat options there is to be found, offering a wide range of flavours that go beyond the typical cuts of meat.

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