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7 Easy Recipes for Beginners

5 easy Recipes for Beginners

The dinnertime routine can be a challenge, particularly if you’re lacking time or know-how cooking! At A Couple Cooks, we began as novices when we first started out. Since we began with no idea of cooking and cook, our recipes are made to be simple enough for novices. With just a little advance planning, you’ll be able to learn how to cook dinner and put it to the table within a matter of minutes!

Here below are easy recipes for a Rocky Sheff

Salmon Poke Bowl Easy Recipe

Our first easy dinner recipes for novice cooks: these poke bowls! This tasty variation on an Hawaiian style poke bowl is filled with seafood and vegetables in a bright bowl. What is the secret to making it so easy? The salmon can be seared in just a minute.

Talk about easy dinner recipes! Put it into a bowl, along with rice as well as well-seasoned cucumber “noodles”, sesame carrot ribbons and red cabbage, and you’ll have a very amazing, delicious dinner.

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Easy Cheese Pita Pizza

The next installment in our easy recipe for dinner that beginners can make: it aren’t going to find it easier than this! In the evenings when we’re left with no idea of what to cook then we make pita pizzas! 

Simply add pita bread to the plate with cheese, toppings and shredded cheese and then broil until the cheese melts and the pita gets slightly crispy! We make this often as it’s always an instant big hit with kids.

Best Vegetarian Chili

The vegetarian chili is so delicious that you’ll never feel like you’re missing meat! It’s a huge recipe that is loved by vegetarians, vegans and meat-lovers alike. This recipe takes approximately 45 minutes to cook and is surprisingly simple to prepare. It’s all it takes is a slice of onion. We’ve even made videos to aid you!

Add cheese, sour-cream, and all the fixings for a delicious and healthy meal. If you want to make it vegan, try our vegan Nacho Cheese or Cashew Cream instead! It’s a staple in our quick dinner recipes for novices.

Swiss Melt Sandwich

The next in our dinner recipes for novices: this fantastic Swiss Melt sandwich! It’s possibly the best sandwich you’ve ever eaten: and it’s very easy to make. After tasting it very first time Alex declared that it is like a healthier version of the Big Mac!

Make homemade coleslaw (you might want to use a bag of coleslaw as a last resort, or make our most delicious coleslaw dressing). Serve a melty cheese layer on top of the pretzel bun with salt. What makes the sandwich special lies in our special sauce Russian dressing.

This dressing is the main ingredient in the Reuben sandwich. It only takes 20 minutes.

Easy Recipe Mediterranean Bowl

This is one of our top easy meals for beginners since it’s more of a thought rather than an actual recipe! The bowl is packed with pita crisps, hummus cucumber shallot, red pepper, the leafy greens and rice. 

It is possible to add other protein you’d like to add leftover meats cooked, chickpeas seasoned with olive oil, salt or pepper. And so on.

Coconut Cauliflower Curry

We’ve been serving the tomato-based curry with cauliflower for many years and it’s among the recipes that can be found in the weeknight recipe rotation for followers and readers. This one needs a bit more choppingof sweet potato, cauliflower , and onions. We’ve prepared video tutorials that will help you make it!

Once you’ve chopped your vegetables It’s easy to cook them and then take care of cleaning when you’re done. It’s among our top simple recipes for dinner for novice cooks that we suggest because it’s delicious.

Recipe Quick Shrimp Couscous

To finish off our dinner recipes that are easy for novices: this amazingly quick shrimp Couscous! It is ready in 15 minutes, and has a huge flavor. The garlicky shrimp couscous is made with succulent shrimp that are quickly sauteed in butter, with minced garlic. and served alongside lemony couscous. garnished with fresh parsley.

Although couscous can be described as a pasta, and is not it’s a entire grain It cooks in just 5 minutes, making it ideal for quick and easy dinner recipes. If you’re in a hurry then feel free to use the grain you prefer: quinoa is extremely fast. Sprinkle some fresh parsley on the couscous, shrimp, and you’ll have a delicious food in only 15 minutes.

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