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Investment options for NRI in India


For the last few years the economy of the country has shown promises for clients. The country showcases itself as an excellent investment option for the foreign investors. Though the government of  India has incorporated various relaxations when it comes to NRI investment. For the NRI there are multiple options to enhance their investment options. NRI tax services in Pune will guide you through this process. Before an NRI if you are planning to invest in India you need to fulfil a few criteria. According to law a person who has not stayed in the country for less than 180 days in the preceding year is not classified as a NRI. Even person who has stayed less than 60 days and less than 365 days in the recurring 4 years does not classify as NRI.

Below are a few investment options for NRI as they can choose to park their investments and earn substantial profits in the bargain. They would have analysed your financial situation well enough and mitigated the risk appetite

Mutual funds

For investment mutual funds are an excellent source of investment. A point with mutual funds is risk appetite of the investors along with market fluctuations. When you are investing in mutual funds you make good returns which are in a tax efficient manner. Any investment in mutual funds can take place by NRI or NRO accounts.

A NRI may invest in mutual funds via an Indian currency and not the foreign one. Even there is an option of systematic plan with mutual funds that a first time and young investor would prefer. A systematic investment plan allows you to invest a small amount, ensuring financial discipline and obtain good financial rewards. precise growth strategy permits you to contribute a limited quantity, guaranteeing monetary discipline and acquire great monetary prizes.

Real estate

If you own a pool of funds then real estate is the best option. Compared to other options it is a one time investment and the returns are higher. A point is that it is not that much affected by investment fluctuations.

This is a market that provides a transparent opportunity to invest and planned investments are made here. NRI investment advisor suggests there is only one catch with this investment as you require someone to take care of the property in your absence.


Provident fund is another safe investment option for NRIs in India. This is a scheme that is backed by the government of India and provides handsome returns. It turns out to be a good option if you are looking to lock in your funds for a certain period of time.

Mostly the schemes are available with a lock in period of 15 years. Investment exemptions are provided by the government of India but the catch is that you cannot park more than 1,50,000 in a given year. Hence if you are eyeing a major investment you would find it really low.

To sum up things, considering the above NRI investment options you need to be aware of top notch investment plans providing handsome returns.

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