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KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Valentine’s Day is in the offing. What have you decided to get for your special girl this time? Well, if your special lady can be characterised as the sort of person who remains glued to social media platforms, keep on downloading tons of apps, and uses those trendy slang words, then we have got you covered. 

Sometimes getting a special and a memorable gift for your beloved lady can prove to be tough, however if you are familiar with his specific characteristics then the process seems easy. Is your is a nerdy one? Yes? Then we have come up with some amazing gift items that can serve to be perfect enough for her. Let’s take a look at the following gift items:

Get a pair of touchscreen gloves:

The best Valentine’s Day gift should be something that is remarkable and beneficial and getting a pair of personalised touch screen gloves would serve to be an incredible choice to analyse. Your nerdy girlfriend relies maximum of her time on smartphones and tech devices for her work purposes (like sending emails and puts) or else for her personal use (like scrolling the Instagram feed, Facebook feed or visiting other online shopping outlets). On a wintry day, it becomes truly tough to take out those numb fingers from the blanket and click on the screen and this is what makes these touch screen gloves an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. This is an amazing way to make her feel how much you love and care about her comfort. This gift can turn out to be the best Valentine gift for girlfriend without any doubt.

Make use of a USB as a surprise gift:

This will make one of the most amazing as well as beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend. If you are running out of gift options or not able to decide what to get for her, then this gift option can make wonders. All you have to do is to take a USB Drive and load all the memorable photos that you had taken before, the ones that remind you of the loveable moments.

You can also make a slideshow video by adding all those pictures and loading them on the USB drive. Once she will open the folder, she will feel highly impressed and special. You can also add a few movies from her bucket list to the USB, such that you can enjoy your Valentine’s Day by watching a movie SkymoviesHD marathon. This special gesture will make her feel truly loved and precious and will make her realise her worth in your life.

Give gifts with QR codes:

QR codes are those supercool-patterned squares, that enable you to attach data and additional information. Once you scan the QR code, it can take you to the entire gallery or other respective folders. This is one of the most innovative Valentine’s Day gifts that you must get gift your tech-buff girlfriend. She will surely get crazy with your innovativeness. You can add any media of your choice. Such an attempt will portray the love that you always hold for your nerdy girl.

If you wish to make it more creative and geekier, you can develop a QR code as a Valentine gift tag, such that when she will scan the code, a romantic video will start playing. She will simply fall in love with you and hence it will also strengthen your bond with your partner. Keeping this aside, you can choose the online Valentine day flower delivery service and get a bunch of fresh roses delivered right away without any fail. You can also attach a special note to the bouquet.

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Send her a postcard:

Sending a postcard as a Valentine gift can make a unique gift. Nowadays everyone is using social media platforms to convey their best wishes, but if you choose to send or offer a postcard to your girlfriend, you will stand out of the crowd. She will surely appreciate your innovative gesture towards making her feel so exceptional. This will help to express your heartfelt love and care in the best way possible. You can also choose to customise the postcard as per your choice and that will serve the interest of your geeky girlfriend.

Instagram photo strings:

Give the nostalgic feeling by composing Instagram photo strips. Gifting photo frames is quite common nowadays, think out of the box and gift your beloved one a series of photos that will depict some unforgettable and cherished moments. Apart from this, you can also order a fresh cake online and make the Valentine’s Day in the most special way.

So, these are some of the most extraordinary Valentine’s Day gifts that you can get for your geeky girlfriend. These gifts will make her feel super special and at the same time will express your love most incredibly.

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